“Over almost four decades, I have spent a great deal of time visiting our associates in North America and overseas, greeting them personally, and emphasizing the need to treat them fairly. When I see our associates, shake their hands, and look in their eyes, they are not numbers; they are human beings with aspirations and needs.”

—Farooq Kathwari, Chairman, President and CEO, Ethan Allen Interiors Inc.

At its core, Ethan Allen is about people. Every piece we create begins as an idea in a human mind. Everything we manufacture is touched by human hands. Every item we sell becomes a treasure in a human’s home or work space.

Our commitment to humanity defines the way we do business. It includes such values as managing employees fairly, caring for communities, and being consistent in our treatment of all stakeholders.

For instance, in our Mexico and Honduras plants, we maintain similar environmental, safety, and social responsibility standards to those in our U.S. facilities. It’s not something we do because it’s legally required. It’s something we do because it’s the right thing to do.

No matter where our products are made or sourced, we strive to build partnerships with vendors that respect people, the law, and the land. To make our expectations clear, we’ve developed a Supplier Code of Conduct. We’ve also further refined our approach through our partnership with Disney, using their International Labor Standards as a model for our vendors throughout the supply chain.

bird's nest with eggs full of green leaves employee with Quincy bed posts

Respecting People

Our Code of Conduct makes it clear that we expect fair treatment for workers. Fair treatment means providing adequate wages and benefits, and it means understanding that child and involuntary labor are unacceptable. Although we support apprenticeship programs, we believe they shouldn’t keep children from completing their compulsory education requirements.

Respecting the Law

Fair competition is the key to a functioning economy in which everyone can thrive. As an organization, does everything possible to respect the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We expect suppliers to avoid prohibited business practices. We also expect them to refrain from engaging in bribery or other corrupt customs. In addition, we work closely with regulators in every country, staying abreast of new regulations and working to ensure both product safety and product compliance.

Respecting the Land

People depend on the Earth and its resources. At, we believe that by using land and natural resources responsibly we demonstrate our respect for people and the environment.

In compliance with the Lacey Act, we provide transparency regarding the sources of plants and plant products, helping to discourage illegal logging and helping developing countries retain control of their natural resources.

In addition, we comply with local, state, federal, and international regulations to minimize the presence of toxins in our products and packaging. Our commitment to environmental responsibility strikes a balance between protecting our environment and giving our customers what they want without compromising quality of life, now and in the future.